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Paige Perfects: DIY Herbal Infused Cleaning Vinegar

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

In keeping with the season change moving into Fall, I have been doing a lot of deep cleaning around my house. And after making the intentional decision to live a healthier lifestyle all around, I wanted to incorporate non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products into my regimen.

If I have any readers that have set similar wellness goals, then you may already understand where I am coming from when I say that maintaining wellness really is such an enriching journey. I have found so much fulfillment in using up the rest of my household cleaners and starting anew with products that support a more holistic lifestyle, while also incorporating some of the green girls from my garden. Truly a win-win all around!

So first thing is first...if you aren't a fan of reading, check out my reel on Instagram, @PaigePerfectsIt, for a quick version without all the details.

Now for those that do want that extra information, read on and let's talk about vinegar! This staple product is one that most of us keep somewhere in our household. But something that I have come to realize I am under-utilizing! Vinegar holds many properties that provide health benefits. To name a few...

As part of ancient Chinese medicinal practices, vinegar was used to aid in supporting digestion. Therefore, it has many properties that are advantageous to your liver and other digestive organs. Vinegar can also benefit oral health, heart health, and can treat common first aid issues such as bruises, insect bites, etc. It has also been proven that vinegar has antibacterial activity, meaning.......You guessed it!

It makes for a great household cleaner and a base product to keep your space smelling fresh while fighting off odor causing germs or bacteria. I could go on, but you get the gist.

All of that being said, vinegar is the base for the majority of my household cleaners now. The buy-in for me, or what really sealed the deal for me, was the idea of incorporating fresh herbs from my garden to play around with the vinegar's fragrance and scent!

When it comes to gathering up materials to start a DIY Cleaning Vinegar, don't overthink it!

Because this isn't a beauty product or one for human consumption, the vinegar does not have to be a fancy or expensive label. So whatever you have in your pantry will more than likely fit the bill.

At the end of the day, all vinegar does the trick when it comes to cleaning. White distilled is the ideal vinegar when mixing a DIY cleaner like this, and I personally use store brand. Publix to be more specific, but like I said. Anything goes!

If you have vinegar, the only other ingredient you will want to incorporate is a scent element. If you grow fresh herbs I highly recommend trimming a few sprigs of whichever plant has an aroma strikes you the most. For me, it was Rosemary, Lavender, and a hint of Lemongrass. Rosemary is a collector plant for me, and I try to obtain as many varieties as possible, because that is one scent I can never get enough of. And Lavender comes in a close second place on that roster of herb favorites.

I was delighted to find all of my plants not only alive (this FL heat has been crazy, ya'll), but in addition to that...they were all in need of a good trimming too!

If your herbs haven't survived the hot summer, or if you haven't gotten into herb growing just yet, store-bought herbs fit the bill just as well. The scent will still be there, but you may save yourself a bit of time in the garden with a pair of shears!

This is where things start to pick up. Ingredients out of the way, the only other items to gather before starting your DIY cleaner - a strainer (optional - colander works too), and a sealable glass jar or container to soak your vinegar in, providing the full effect. I will go ahead and mention that a funnel will benefit your process, but it's not make or break. We can get creative on that front without compromising the integrity of the cleaner.

When I started to research this process, I was shocked at just how simple it is to bring a non-toxic cleaner to fruition....Simply chop up the desired herbs, fruit peels, etc. and soak them in a jar of vinegar solution for 12-24 hours. Or longer if you desire a stronger fragrance. That's all it takes! There is an easy DIY recipe I can get behind.

So in keeping with the simplicity of the recipe, the impact of the herbs is a large one, being one of the two main ingredients. So think of it this way....

The vinegar is your canvas, and the herbs are your paintbrush. The scent you choose to incorporate into your cleaning regimen is entirely up to you!

Taking that mindset and running with it, when it comes to playing around with herbs....we talked about vinegar having many beneficial properties, and surely you may have heard that herbs are the same way. Each herb has a function, and I love getting into the "weeds" on this. The vinegar in the cleaner is already extremely advantageous when it comes to cleaning...but playing on the properties of the herbs in the same way...that is the part that speaks to the plant-person in me! Adding these herbs and fruit peels into the distilled white vinegar not only improves it's scent, but can also provide effects such as natural disinfectant, degreaser, or antibacterial cleaner. So let's talk healing properties...

Chamomile contains calming benefits. This plant will help you if you suffer from insomnia and late nights laying awake. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, making it great for respiratory issues and more. Chamomile helps with stomach pain, menstrual cramps, and intestinal irregularity. It can also be used externally to treat muscle and tooth aches. Additionally, it contains astringent properties with are excellent for skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

I can't wait to add Chamomile into my beauty and skincare regimen, knowing this information. While I didn't have it now to add to my cleaning vinegar, it's definitely on my plant wish list!

But that brings us to our next herb, Cinnamon Leaf. This herb a little different than the sticks pictured, but Cinnamon Leaf will look like any other green girl when grown in a garden. Something we are all familiar with scent-wise, this particular scent is perfect to incorporate in any DIY project because of its fresh fall feel. Properties of adding cinnamon leaf to your mixtures will include warming, refreshing, and revitalization. With a splash of autumn vibes, too! Cinnamon is one of my favorites as far as gardening use goes too, because it serves as many purposes outdoors and it does indoors! I'll talk about those in another post.

But that leads us to another fan favorite, Lavender. We have all heard of the calming properties provided by fresh lavender. But in addition to a light floral scent, you will find restful sleep and improved mood when adding this into your arsenal of herbs.

Like I said, I am very partial to this particular herb, and have several varieties growing in my garden. When it comes to choosing one....well, I don't!

I usually try to incorporate as many as I can for a variety of scents and strengths.

Next up on our list will be Lemon. We all know and love a staple citrus scented cleaner or two, as proven by any box store shelf these days. But lemon lends itself to versatility. Personally I have a tree, as do several of my neighbors. So fresh lemon juice is a go-to additive for me in any beverage or DIY item.

But, when speaking in the context of DIY cleaners, lemon essence can be incorporated in two ways. If you have access to fresh lemons, or if you have a few from the grocery store, the peels will make a great additive to cleaning vinegar. The more peels, the stronger the scent. And then, an alternative to fresh lemons themselves would be a plant called a "Lemon Balm", which you can find at any box store or garden store in the herb section. Lemon balm provides all of the scent properties of real lemons, but shows a nice green leaf ready to be chopped, crushed, or sprinkled into any concoction.

In keeping with the lemon idea, Lemongrass is another herb that works wonders! With a citrus and herbal scent, lemongrass is clarifying and provides mental cleansing. Sounds like just what everyone needs after several years of well-crafted pandemonium, right?! What better way to cleanse out clouds of misinformation and see things more clearly, then a natural remedy found in the garden?

Bring on all of the lemongrass scent, because its time to detox! That being said, lemongrass happens to be one of my most hearty and fast-growing herbs. I have to repot my lemongrass plant more than any other plant in my garden, which is saying a lot! The gift that keeps on giving.

Another specimen that I am excited to get my hands on is Patchouli. This scent is fruity with strong earthy undertones. To me, its one of the most natural scents out there, and reminds me of shopping at my favorite local co-op.

Incorporating patchouli into your DIY regimen, you will find benefits of relaxation. Another thing that we could all use right about now!

When I do get my hands on a patchouli plant, best-believe this warm-scented herb will be making it's way into any mixture I can find!

Next on the roster is Peppermint. Another fan favorite, and one that is sure to welcome in any season with a sharp punch! This cool and minty scent has properties including revitalizing, energizing, and stimulating. My peppermint was looking a little wilted this week, so I chose to save her for another project.

And of course, there is another peppermint variety I am itching to get my hands on that smells like mint chocolate chip! It is also sold at local box stores, so it isn't hard to find. You just have to hit them at the right time of year.

The chocolate mint is another gem that I will be adding to my household cleaning regimen, and others, once the plant is growing in my garden.

And that brings us to the last herb on our list, Rosemary. Again, this is another herb I am partial to, being one of my collector plants. The scent offers properties of cleansing and clarifying, as well invigoration. Another scent that will ease you into the holiday season, this herb is sure to add some personality to your cleaning routine.

So, with all of the herb talk out of the way, let's get down it! How are we making scent-infused cleaning vinegar?



Difficulty: Easy

What you’ll need: • Distilled white vinegar - doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Store brand is fine - I used Publix brand. • Glass with lid for sealing - mason jars are my favorite, but if you don’t have those lying around, you can be incentive. Anything goes, keeping in mind functionality • Glass cleaning bottle or other vessel • Strainer (optional - I’ve used my colander too) • Fresh herbs from the garden - get creative with it!! This is all up to your individual scent preference, and what you have available to you in the garden or at the store.

Watch my reel on Instagram, @PaigePerfectsIt, or check out my idea pin on Pinterest for a visual aid.

  1. Add springs of herbs or peels of fruit to a mason jar or sealable glass container.

  2. Fill the jar with distilled white vingear.

  3. Seal the jar and let rest for 12-24 hours. Or longer if you desire a stronger scent.

  4. I like to use a strainer or colander to get out larger pieces, but this step is optional. Straining only makes the process of pouring easier on you in Step 5.

  5. Pour your vinegar into a spray bottle or mister, using a funnel.

Now you are ready to use your vinegar, make a cute label for the bottle, and go to town with a little spring or fall cleaning!

If you have a little lemon in your mixture, look forward to a great disinfectant. If you opted for Rosemary, you have a great antibacterial cleanser for just about any surface in your household, at your disposal. If you chose to add a fruit peel or two, you may want to try your cleaner out to cut through grease or tough stains on surfaces.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial, and I hope you have just as much fun as I did playing with the herbs and scents!

Follow my blog, Paige Perfects It. Or check out my Instagram or Pinterest, @PaigePerfectsIt, for more DIY, How-To articles, herbal inspo, and more!

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