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I am a Nature Connection Educator, holding a Level 1 Ecotherapy Certification from the Earthbody Institute. I have spent 10+ years in the education space, training for two of Forbes Top 100 Companies.

My years spent instructing have inspired a relentless pursuit to find ways that nature + it’s benefits can be integrated into the classroom.

Now in 2024, I want to take what I’ve learned + give back to the corporate ecosystem. I am passionate about establishing impact + lasting connection through written content. Merging my knowledge about nature with the skills I have refined as a facilitator, I am always eager to grow + learn.

My goal is to share some of the magic that can be found in the loveliest corners of our day to day lives...where lifestyle meets garden!

 I've spent 9+ years planting in the Panhandle of Florida. And I believe that some of life's best lessons are learned when we  strike this important balance and immerse ourselves in ecosystems that we create and nurture.


So...let's dig in! 

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