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Herb Spotlight: Rosemary

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Now here is an herb that is worthy of attention for it's MANY beneficial properties.

Time to shine the spotlight on...Rosemary!

When ranking my top 10 herbs to grow in the garden, Rosemary hits pretty high on the list. Let's waste no time cutting to the chase.

Time to dig in and talk about this must-have herb. A fresh addition to any garden or green space...Read on to find out why Rosemary is so worthy of the spotlight!!


Origin + History

Plant Care Tips

Benefits & Properties

DIY's + Recipes


Origin Story

Starting with the origin and history of the rosemary plant will help shed light (no pun intended) on the ways in which we can encourage this species to thrive in our outdoor OR indoor space.

This perennial evergreen herb is native to a Mediterranean climate, so it thrives in hot & sunlight areas when provided with well-drained soil. In keeping with the it's native climate, rosemary is adaptive, in that it's foliage can soak up moisture from the air. This information is crucial for any aspiring rosemary plant parent to know.

To mock these native conditions from the comfort of your home, it is best to give this plant a good mist or spray every now and then.

Traditional watering works well, but why not speak to what the plant REALLY wants and needs?

Circling back to the other item on rosemary's wish list: well-draining soil...

I find that cactus soil mixes tend to be the most effective way to achieve a soil that dries out between waterings.

I have 7 varieties of rosemary in various containers and arrangements at home. Some of these species added to my collection have thrived in pots for several years before they require a good re-potting or planting. So...

Don't let the internet scare you! Rosemary can be easy to care for once you identify a way to provide your plant with the proper care.

Below, I'm sharing the care rituals that have helped my own collection flourish!


Plant Care & Tips

Plant care includes the following:

  • Provide your plant with 6-8 hours of sunlight per day - full sun.

  • Ensure the plant is provided with soil or potting mix that drains quickly - cactus or succulent soil mix works well.

  • Mist & spritz the foliage every few days - especially if growing in a dry climate, as rosemary thrives in warmth and humidity.

  • Water your plant on a regular basis to help foster growth. Make sure you let the soil dry out between watering to prevent root rot.

  • Fertilize every few weeks (more frequently during growing season) - My favorite fertilizer for ALL of my household plants is SUPERthrive. But anything goes, so long as it supplements the nutrients in the soil.


Benefits & Properties

Rosemary has been used for centuries, from ancient medicine to modern day cooking and recipes...this herb always seems to steal the show. And rightfully so!

When used properly, rosemary can provide vitamins and minerals for our bodies such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, magnesium, iron, calcium, & more. Rosemary is also high in antioxidants, which can help support healthy cellular function in the body, and can aid in repairing cells damaged by oxidative stress. (1)

While there is no magical cure to all of our ailments, this herb checks quite a few boxes in the world of medicine....both ancient and modern. Some ancient Mediterranean cultures even considered this plant sacred.

Here are some of the other amazing properties that fuel the rosemary craze:

  1. Fighting Inflammation: One of the major underlying causes of health issues and disease is inflammation in the body. Rosemary helps to fight this inflammation because it presents powerful antioxidants that work behind the scenes in our bodies. Some studies even show veritable evidence that carnosic acid found in rosemary could be cure to other various diseases, given more research and time. (2).

  2. Balancing Hormones: The antioxidant, carnosol, which helps fight inflammation in the body, also helps balance hormone levels. Rosemary can effectively reduce the levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in your body, which is an androgen that plays a large role in male physiology. For females, lowering DHT levels in the body can help balance an uneven distribution of hormones for proper functioning. (3).

  3. Promotes Healthy Gut: In keeping with it's anti-inflammatory properties, rosemary supports healthy digestion, and can even regulate your system to facilitate optimal gut health. A healthy gut helps our bodies foster a healthy immune system, increased antioxidants, and an increased ability to rid the body of toxins and other harmful substances. (4).

  4. Acts as Neuroprotection: Because this herb is so highly concentrated with carnosic, properties of rosemary can help protect your central nervous system from things that may cause it stress. Over time, our nervous systems suffer damage from all of the ways we interact with our environments. Adding a powerful plant with carnosic benefits into your regimen can help reduce oxidative stress in the body, and quell some of the overactivity in the nerve cells. (5).

  5. Fights Hair Loss: While this herb can't put a pause on time, it can fight some of the effects of aging such as hair loss and balding. When applied topically, rosemary helps support healthy hair follicles by making them more resistant to environmental damage, stressors, or hormone imbalances. Rosemary is also proven to promote overall scalp health.

There are MANY more benefits to incorporating rosemary into your wellness routine. These are just a few of those possibilities!


So now that we have covered the origin of the plant, the growth & care requirements, and the benefits & uses of the herb....

Check out the posts below to see how I incorporate Rosemary into my wellness routine at home!

Here are just a few of my DIY's, completed with FRESH rosemary from my garden:

Now that you've read through my tips and tricks, it's time to get out there and purchase that rosemary plant!

Like I said....don't let the internet scare you. You're only one purchase away from having a fresh perennial herb, ready to trim for any occasion!

Comment below with YOUR favorite uses for rosemary. And Pin this post for later - when you are ready to take the plunge and buy that plant!!

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