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Hidden Gem: Clay 30A - Garden, Pottery, & Blessings

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

When we set out on Saturday for a botanical experience, we were not prepared for Clay 30A and what it had to offer. We actually weren't prepared for the day at was a lazy, sleep-late kind of Saturday. So when we did wake and receive the day, it was past lunch time and our botanical gardens venture wasn't in the cards. But the Universe has a funny way of working. We have had our eyes the Clay 30A website for several months now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to check them out! With light lunch out of the way, we made our way over to Seagrove Beach, unsuspecting of the #HiddenGem that awaited us!

When you check out the website,, Clay 30A describes an experience during which you walk around and find your unique blessings. And we did exactly that!

There is plenty to see...from a unique outdoor succulent house to a cozy and homey shop indoors, Clay 30A had it all!

So of course, when you and your best friend are both enthused by all things botanical, it's always a chore to keep yourself moving quickly enough to see everything before you end up closing down yet another me, it happens!

Point being...if plants are your thing, you will be like a kid in a candy store looking at all of the different displays, crafts, and arrangements that Clay 30A has to offer!

After a little trial and error, you eventually get the nursery thing down to a science. It always starts off innocently. With the mindset, "I won't grab a cart, because I won't enable myself to buy more." Sounds fantastic in theory, but 9 times out of 10, you end up grabbing the cart with arms full. Shocker, right?! It happens to me at every box store, almost every time. If you are fairly new to plants, you may be thinking..."why not just grab the cart?" But trust me...that is an open door if plants are involved! If it fits in the basket, it fits in the car. Grabbing the cart is just an open door....

And right off the bat, that's the first thing I loved about Clay 30A. They had cute red wagons at the front entrance, ready to be filled with plants and blessings. Like I said, normally I try to practice a mindful trip, just taking away a few essentials. But in this case, it was a spontaneous nursery adventure, so I acted accordingly. And with that, we toted 2 wagons around the property.

I could go on and on about the plants that we saw walking around the grounds. Anywhere from herbs, veggies, tropicals, shrubs, trees, landscaping grasses, ground covering plants, perennials, and a beautiful assortment of mums and other fall plants right at the cusp of the season!

But the selection doesn't stop there! There is also a wide array of houseplants and air plants. The variety caught our attention, and several specimen made their way into the wagon. No shock there!

When admiring the houseplants on the patio, you can see into the shop indoors. And THAT is where I did the majority of my damage!

Walking into the store, there is a wide array of products, from gifts and botanical crafts to functional pieces and necessities. We stumbled upon garden tools, books, kits, ceramics, handmade pottery, home décor, wellness products, jewelry, and more!

I ended up taking home a sweet handmade honey-pot that I used to bring home a little taste of my blessings found at Clay 30A.

I love a piece with meaning behind it. One that I can bring into my home to reflect a taste of my journey, wherever that may take me. So using my honey-pot, I was inspired to try different honeys, both local and non-local. I also wanted to incorporate honey into my wellness journey because of it's many benefits and healing properties. Check out my blog post to see how I made my own DIY Honey + Brown Sugar Lip Scrub! With fall fast approaching, I wanted to hydrate & heal.

So now, every time I use my scrub, I am reminded of the blessings bestowed upon me not just at Clay 30A, but in all of my plant travels so far!

Anyways, enough about MY experience and my takeaways. Back to the Clay 30A experience!

In keeping with their name, the assortment of clay and ceramic pots truly steal the show! There is something to be said for finding the right pot to compliment a plant and accent it's best attributes, or to accent the space around it. And if you are in search of that 'perfect pot', you are sure to leave Clay 30A with something unique and eye-catching! There are displays of pots woven into the foliage, which give instant inspiration to any gardener in search of ideas for a green space.

The back of the property is also full of pots all shapes and sizes, and the assortment truly has something for everyone. Even some of those larger, harder to find pots for trees and palms.

Right before you stumble upon this pot assortment, you will find one of my favorite parts...the succulent house! Let your imagination run wild, because there are so many varieties inside...I had to walk around 3 times to be sure I got my eyes on everything!

This succulent house was just another way that the organic feel of a backyard garden was incorporated into the space. Again...inspiration abound here in Seagrove Beach! I can promise you will drive away with hopes and aspirations to incorporate new life into your own outdoor space.

In most cases, its common place to go to a nursery or a plant store and to come away with a plant or two. But it is rare to find a unique experience such as the one at Clay30A where you will leave with more than just a fern. You will more than likely be bringing home a slice of the unique inspiration that awaits you in this plant haven!

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And comment below if you too, have had a fruitful experience at Clay 30A! Share the adventure and blessings that you were able to find and tag @PaigePerfectsIt to be featured on stories, reels, and more!

Happy Planting!

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