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Paige Perfects: DIY Honey + Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Easing into autumn can come with it's perks....throwing up that spooky decor, lighting a fall-scented candle. But we also know that with the season change comes a necessity to protect our skin from the dropping temperature. More specifically...our lips!

I am fortunate to know more than a few females with a purse Chapstick, car Chapstick, bedroom Chapstick, living room get the picture.

But, I feel validated nonetheless. And lately, its almost a part of the fictional brand for the basic "PSL" types of the world. You can't rain on our parade...or our love of Pumpkin spice. The more you try, the more we love it!

All of that being said, we are approaching that time of year where basics everywhere are busting out our Chapsticks! TikToks make fun of girls who have to reapply before throwing their car into drive, or before unbuckling to get out. And hey, the struggle is real! It's a hot topic for a reason! But enough said...

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are that Chapstick-loving girl. And I've got a solution for you!

If you haven't tried a lip scrub yet, you're missing out! And if you have tried one, but just haven't found the right blend...this recipe may just be the thing you have been looking for!

Lip scrubs have become popular over the past several years, but their healing benefits are rooted in truth (no plant pun intended)! When it comes to exfoliating, one of the biggest concerns is to find something gentle and easy on the skin. In the case of a honey-based scrub, the exfoliators will work gently to sluff of dead cells while leaving your lips soft and unscathed.

In addition to exfoliation, moisture is one of the first things that comes to mind. Honey and other base products provide essential nutrients for chapped lips. In addition to that, the anti-microbial nature of the honey will help heal cracks and splits. Working for the greater good, lip scrubs have more benefits than meet the eye!

All of that being said...a recent trip to Clay 30A in Seagrove Beach presented me with a few adorable gifts to take home. You can read more about this nursery & unique blessings boutique here in another blog post. But the takeaway is this:

I couldn't wait to put this CUTE handmade honey pot to good use! So I immediately started my search for more raw & natural honeys to add to my pantry.

By now you may be wondering, "Why honey?"

In addition to it's anti-microbial nature, here are a few more reasons...honey acts as a natural moisturizer, gentle exfoliator, & anti-septic. It can minimize inflammation, reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, brighten the complexion, & more!

If you aren't sold yet, honey comes in many different varieties. I myself enjoy finding wildflower honey or local honey to incorporate into my beauty and skincare regimen. The raw, unprocessed honey tends to work the best. So in my case, there is a local company right out of my own neighborhood, East Hill Honey Co. I have found that even outside of skincare, local honey has done wonders for my allergies and skin irritation. Local pollinators, locally sourced, and all-natural!

In the case of my lip scrub, I used a wildflower honey that I particularly enjoy.

The consistency is thick, and this is where the exfoliation factor really comes into play! The thicker and creamier the honey that you are purchasing, the more of an exfoliant property it will provide when added to your skin care routine.

We have all seen smooth, transparent honey that drips off the comb as if it's syrup. And there is nothing wrong with that! But it's all about context.

For my beauty products, I like to go with a thicker consistency and an unprocessed or unfiltered honey to get the best results.

Get creative with it, and use a product that speaks to you. It's okay to test different combinations and mixtures until you find something you like. That's how I like to create, hence...Paige Perfects It! I love to play around with things and experiment so I can achieve the best result possible. This lip scrub was no different.

With honey out of the way, let's talk about the other major ingredient at play...brown sugar.

In my opinion, you don't need to get extremely fancy with your brown sugar. Any brand or label will do the trick.

The thing that was important to me was ensuring my brown sugar was organic because it will be undoubtedly consumed in small quantities when I use my scrub.

But like I said, you don't have to get fancy with it!

Anything you have in your pantry will achieve the desired effect!

Two staple ingredients out of the way, I have to tell ya'll...there's not much more to it! One of the reasons that I LOVE this DIY Honey + Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe is because it's one that is so simple, quick, and easy to make. You can check out my reel on Instagram, @PaigePerfectsIt , if you are more of a visual person too!

So let's get to it!


DIY Honey + Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

What You'll Need:

  • 5 tsp. brown sugar

  • 3 tsp. unrefined or virgin coconut oil

  • 3 tsp. honey - local or raw, unprocessed

  • 3 drops vanilla extract

  • 1-2 drops sweet orange essential oil (optional)

  1. In a bowl, mix together + brown sugar + coconut oil + honey.

  2. Carefully add 2 drops of vanilla extract while mixing.

  3. Add 1-2 drops of sweet orange essential oil.

  4. Continue mixing until blended.

  5. Pour into a sealable glass or plastic container and store for future use!

Anytime your lips are feeling chapped or in need of that extra moisture boost that honey provides, grab your scrub & rub gently on your lips for 10-30 seconds. Then rinse as needed.

If you want to have a little fun with your own recipe, here are some tips and tricks to help get started:
Get creative & add your favorite skin-healthy essential oils to your scrub. This will allow you to play with scent notes & healing properties! I love adding Mint, Lavender, or Lemon depending on my mood and scent I am going for!
Try different coconut oil bases. Not all coconut oils are the same, and even if it is unrefined. Some brands have smoother consistencies while others are more chunky. I tried a few to get my consistency just right, and I am very glad I did!

I hope you enjoy and utilize your lip scrub as much as I have! A go-to when the weather starts changing, & a beauty hack to keep in your back pocket at all times!

Check out my other blog posts, Pinterest boards, and Instagram reels for more DIY inspo!

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