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5 Best Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

Dear Shopper,

It's that time again...The Holiday Season!

Searching for the right gift can get tricky. But this year, finding the perfect present for the plant parent on your list doesn't have to be!

Check out my five favorite Amazon finds - sure to satisfy all with an aspiring green thumb!

willy the worm water sensor and moisture meter

Meet Willy the Water Worm!! He helps plant parents and garden lover's alike, by changing colors when plant soil is wet or dry.

Willy will rescue a desperate plant by helping it's owner tune in to watering needs. Not to mention, he looks adorable sticking out of any pot - especially a terra cotta!

picture of the best plant care journal on the market

Do you ever wonder how the plant parent in your life keeps track of so many green girl's at once??

I'll let you in on a secret...they are probably still figuring it out! Plants and garden spaces take tons of trial + error. Having a journal to track schedules + plant needs like watering, fertilizing, pest prevention, and more helps to alleviate missed chores so plants can stay lush and vibrant. Making this journal the perfect surprise!

Pay it forward this year. Give the gift of consistency + organization -> which are both key to cultivating a thriving green space or garden!

picture of water, measuring spoon, and SuperThrive fertilizer concentrate

Speaking of plant garden lover is equipped without a bottle or two of SuperThrive at the ready. This liquid concentrate fertilizer is a kelp based solution that works wonders for numerous garden chores such as: transplanting, rooting, hydroponic gardening, and more! I never forget to add this task into my plant care journal each time its complete. Trust me, the green thumb in your life will thank you when they see the miracles that SuperThrive can work on a collection of outdoor or indoor plants!

Picture of the book Rooted by Lyanda Lynn Haupt

If the garden lover on your list has a knack for reading...look no further. "Rooted" by Lyanda Lynn Haupt is the perfect gift!!

This book takes the reader on a journey towards the intersection of nature, science, and spirit - shedding light in corners of life that will pique the interest of all plant lovers! Everything is connected, and Lyanda Lynn Haupt beautifully explains why that is so important to us, diving into the topic of "rootedness" in a powerful way.

I'll say it again....A MUST READ!!!

picture of Ridley's Houseplant Playing Cards

These cards need no introduction...because the design speaks volumes!!

Equipped with plant care tips, facts, info, and more....these houseplant playing cards are the best gift a plant parent could ask for this year!

Take a regular game of cards to the next level by providing your plant lover with a gift that keeps on giving! If you've ever played Planted, these graphics are on par - in many ways!

Still looking for more gardening gift ideas + inspiration? Don't worry....I've got more!

Head over to my Pinterest board Gift Ideas for Gardeners to shop my style and find something sure to satisfy green thumbs of all ages!

Remember to comment below with your favorite gift ideas!



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